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Fundraise Up DXS: Speaking Request Submissions

Donor eXperience Summit is a low/no sales event for networking and learning. Fundraise Up takes care of all planning and logistics and covers travel, lodging, food and entertainment for all guests, including yours.
Speaking sessions at DXS are in high-demand by partners. We aim to provide valuable and actionable content at DXS: no sales pitches. This creates a rewarding environment for everyone attending.
While we don't have space for everyone at every event, we will have your information on file as we consider content and sessions for this and future DXS events.
We typically require that a partner has attended one DXS as a participating and observing partner before speaking. It is a special event and we want to make sure partners see this first hand.

Interested in speaking at DXS? Great! Submit the form below and we'll review.

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