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Fundraise Up Insider Series — Cryptocurrency

Webinar • April 29 @ 1 P.M. (ET)

There’s been a lot of interest in cryptocurrency donations that we're launching in May and how Fundraise Up will be supporting crypto giving through our exclusive partnership with Gemini. I’ll have a presentation to share and provide information about this integration plus how you can get started.
But that’s not all. Those who have been using Fundraise Up over the past months or years may not know that we have been busy adding a ton of value-add features and capabilities. I understand that some of you may not have had the chance to leverage these to increase your donation volume further. For example, did you know you can now integrate with Venmo? Were you interested in corporate matching but did not know we partner with Double The Donation to help your organization raise more money from corporate matching?
Plus we’ll be taking questions from you in the audience as well! I hope you will join me for this session.
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