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Recurring Plan Migration Request

Elevate your recurring donor's experience and manage all of your recurring plans in a centralized location.

Please submit separate requests per payment processor. For example, if you're wanting to migrate 2 payment processors, then submit 2 requests. Once submitted, a migration specialist will be assigned, they will review your request(s), and will reach out to the email address you provided with next steps within 3 business days.

Point of contact email address

This email address will be our point of contact for the migration. Please use your work/organization email address.

Approximate number of recurring plans

Approximate number of recurring plans you want to migrate to Fundraise Up/Stripe

Approximate monthly volume

Approximate amount in dollars $ per month of the recurring plans you want to migrate

Legacy payment processor

Payment methods

Payment methods

Platform managing the recurring plans

What platform is managing the recurring plans? More often than not, it's your CRM or donation management software. If you were to cancel a recurring plan on behalf of a donor, where would you do it?