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Nonprofit Accelerator Program: Financial Assistance Request

Financial Assistance to cover 50% of annual tuition costs ($1,247.50) is available to any small or medium-sized nonprofit that wishes to participate in the Community Boost Nonprofit Accelerator and is either using Fundraise Up for online giving or will be using it.
The Financial Assistance, and the terms of the financial assistance, will set your nonprofit up for success in the Nonprofit Accelerator program. You'll be following expert guidance from Community Boost, and using the very same cutting-edge technology that's used by top nonprofits including UNICEF USA, American Heart Association, The Bail Project, Salvation Army UK, and so many others.
Note: There is no cost or budget impact to your nonprofit for the Fundraise Up software required for the Financial Assistance, and integrates perfectly and easily with your CRM.
Included in the Financial Assistance program: - $1,247.50 credit toward your annual tuition - The Fundraise Up platform (no cost, no contract) - Full setup and onboarding assistance

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How will you qualify for Financial Assistance?

How will you qualify for Financial Assistance?

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