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Part 2: Three Great Takeaways from the Nonprofit Accelerator

Webinar • Thursday July 7th @ 2 PM ET

We're thrilled to announce that there is now an exclusive special program designed specifically for nonprofits using Fundraise Up with annual budgets less than $5 million: The Nonprofit Accelerator.
This webinar will preview 3 of the top tips of The Nonprofit Accelerator as a sneak peak of the myriad of tips you will learn in the overall course.
Our partner, Community Boost, has helped Habitat for Humanity, Love Justice International, the Cancer Research Institute, and so many more triple their donations and significantly increase their social impact through their decades of experience.
They now have compiled their learnings into one educational program designed to help small and growing nonprofits accelerate their impact quickly: The Nonprofit Accelerator.
Because we know how important the impact of this content is, we're partnering to help reduce your tuition by 50%. Not only will this boost your knowledge and skills, but your mission and beneficiaries will benefit. Check out this exclusive sneak peak to see if the nonprofit accelerator is right for you!

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