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Small Nonprofit Account through Fundraise Up Partners

Because Fundraise Up is only able to work directly with nonprofits currently generating $150,000 or more in digital/web donations annually, we rely on our partner network to help our smaller nonprofits have the knowledge and expertise they need to get the most out of the platform. Why can't we work directly with nonprofits with smaller individual digital giving programs? Since we're strictly performance-based pricing, nonprofits below a certain level of volume of individual digital giving do not allow us to effectively give you the attention, time, and support we are built to provide. This is why starting with a baseline of certain technologies, partners, or education programs ensures a better outcome for everyone. As a small nonprofit, you have two pathways to use Fundraise Up: 1. Qualify by already using one of our technology partners 2. Acquire Fundraise Up through one of our partner agencies or consultants
Technology Partners: These include Virtuous, Bloomerang, Kindful, NEON, Double the Donation, HubSpot and others. If your organization is using any of these platforms, you're eligible to self-onboard using our onboarding guide, optimization guide, and help center.
Agency Partners: If you still have questions or feel more comfortable working directly with a Fundraise Up Partner to answer your questions, train your team, and/or install and set up Fundraise Up for your organization, we have a network of fantastic partners. Not only will they handle all of your questions, but they are a great resource going forward for your nonprofit.
Want to watch a demo first? Here is a full recorded demo complete with Q&A:
Alternatively, here is a shorter version without Q&A (36m), and here is a micro-demo (4m).
‼️ Please note: Fundraise Up is not a CRM, but works with your CRM, either through native integration or automated exported (both at no cost). However, we can migrate all of your recurring donors from your current platform to Fundraise Up, with no disruption, at no cost. Please see our documentation for migrations.

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Do you wish to work through a Technology Partner or Agency Partner?